Climate Change

Climate Change affects all countries in the world. Draughts and floods are destroying especially the crops and harvest of farmers in developing countries, leaving them in a miserable situation. In most of the African countries, the majority of the workforce is working in the agricultural sector but contributes just a little percentage to the national GDP. Most of the farmers are living in sincere poverty, struggling with life and are often forced to accept a second or third job in order to survive.

Climate Change is one aspect or explanation of how the livelihood of farmers can be threatened. Due to periods of extreme heat and heavy rains, there are visible evidences that climate change results in the loss or reduced quality of crops and kettles – causing also the decrease of income and social security for farmers and agricultural workers which makes them even more vulnerable against the background of the already existing poverty.

It is therefore necessary to discuss the vulnerability of the poor with regard to climate change and possible adaptation and mitigation strategies which have to be developed by all stakeholders in the country, if not the entire West African region.