Department for Africa

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung has been promoting social democracy in Africa for over 40 years now. Our goals are social justice, democracy, peace and international solidarity on the African continent. With the help of our long-standing relatonships with political parties, parliaments, trade unions, media and civil society organisations we are supporting the political dialogue between Africa, Germany and Europe.

We aim to share information on political, economic and social developments in Africa. Furthermore, we are enhancing the political participation of our partners in our projects and enable them to represent their political interests better. We are supporting our partners to shape policies and politics on the national, regional and continental level as well as strengthening the voice of Africa on the international political platforms.

18 staff members work in the Department for Africa at the Berlin headquarters. Each of them support strongly the work in the national offices and organise conferences on Africa in the German capital to draw the attention to African topics in Germany.

Annual Planning Conference Department for Africa - Harare, 2010

Planning Conference of the Department for Africa in Harare, 2010: Staff Members of the Department for Africa at the Heatquarter Berlin, all Resident Director of FES offices in Africa, Dr. Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul (former Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development), Michael Sommer (President of the German Confederation of Trade Unions), Christoph Strässer (MP at the German Bundestag)