Expectation Management

In 2007 the former President Kufuor (2000-2008) announced enthusiastically, “With oil as a shot in the arm, we’re going to fly.“ Minister of Finance Kwabena Duffuor, added recently,  "In 10 years time Ghana will be a very prosperous nation."
 The facts look different though. Even if Ghana manages to avoid the resource threats described under  Resource Curse, the oil money alone will not make the country prosperous. According to the World Bank predictions (Nov. 2009) the 2011 state revenues will be US$45 per capita. The number of workers in the Jubilee Field will be around 300. 
It is crucial to keep society’s expectations realistic. Current expectations concerning the oil industry and the general economic development are far too high. If they are not fulfilled the society can become dissatisfied. Minor happenings or a worsening of the economic situation could lead to demonstrations or violence.