FES in Africa

The African continent is undergoing a process of rapid political and economic change. Different factors have contributed to this:
• the establishment of the African Union and the initiative for a “New Partnership for Africa´s Development” (NEPAD),
• the creation of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) to encourage democratic governance,
• the increasing importance of regional economic communities as building blocks for Africa‘s integration and cooperation,
• the development and consolidation of democratic practices and institutions in many African countries.

These elements form the basis for a new momentum on the continent. The international community is increasingly aware of this positive development and is making a stronger commitment to Africa.

The FES contributes to stabilisation and a deepening of the process of democratisation and economic and social change in many countries on the continent. To promote democratic development, rule of law and socially-balanced growth, we support the work of democratically-elected parliaments and pluralistic political party systems along with important socio-political groups (e.g. trade unions, media and journalists‘ associations, women and youth organisations and economic interest associations).