FES in West Africa

Fishermen in Africa 

In West Africa, FES has seven country offices. Beyond their work on the national level, the national offices jointly work on three major issues on the regional level: Economic and Social Policy, Security Policy and Electoral Processes (see Regional Offices). West African country offices also contribute to FES’s work on the continental (African Union) level.

If you want to visit the following websites of FES country offices in West Africa, please click on the following links:

  • FES Ghana
    in Accra, Resident Director: Fritz Kopsieker
  • FES Benin
    in Cotonou, Resident Director: Constantin Grund
  • FES Cameroon
    in Yaoundé, Resident Director: Susanne Stollreiter
  • FES Côte d'Ivoire
    in Abidjan, Resident Director: Martin Johr
  • FES Mali
    in Bamako, Resident Directors: Jan Fahlbusch and Katja Müller
  • FES Nigeria
    in Abudja, Resident Director: Seija Sturies
  • FES Senegal
    in Dakar, Resident Director: Annette Lohmann