FES worldwide

Supporting democracy and development worldwide, contributing to peace and security, shaping globalisation and supporting the expansion and consolidation of the European Union - these are fundamental guidelines of the international work of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. In more than 100 country offices, the FES gives advice and support for the establishment and consolidation of structures within civil society and politics to promote democracy and social justice, strong and free trade unions as well as the recognition of human rights and gender mainstreaming.

Besides our national work, we have regional and global projects to strengthen democracy beyond the borders of a state. Our special focus is on the consolidation and expansion of the European process of integration and the reform of the good governance system.

The dialogue between several stakeholders, between different cultures and models of society, between North and South, EU countries and accession states as well as international institutions is essential to stabilise fragile societal and state structures; and in the light of the interlinked regional and global problems which have to be addressed. With its worldwide network of offices and partner organisations, the FES has the necessary instrument to contribute profoundly to debates and to organise such dialogue processes with different stakeholders with a political and economic background.