Women in Broadcasting (WIB)

WIB is an organisation of women broadcasters who work in public and private radio and TV stations in Ghana. This media advocacy group supports women and children's social and political development and human rights.


Ghana Journalists Association (GJA)

The GJA was established on 15th August 1949 as an umbrella body for all journalists in Ghana.  It draws inspiration from the provisions of Chapter 12 of the 1992 constitution of Ghana which guarantees freedom and independence of the media. Some of the objectives of the GJA are to:

  • Promote professionalism and high journalistic standards;
  • Promote and strengthen the contribution of the association and its members to democracy and good governance;
  • Protect and strengthen the rights of members;
  • Respect and defend freedom of expression, pluralism of the media and universal access to information.

The GJA is a member of the African Journalists Association, Federation of African Journalists, International Federation of Journalists, and has a five-member national executive body: president, vice president, treasurer, organising secretary and public affairs officer.