Parliament of Ghana

The Parliament of Ghana is the legislative body of government. The parliament of Ghana has 275 parliamentarians and the distribution is as follows:
New Patriotic Party (169 seats)
National Democratic Congress (106 seats)

Website: http://www.parliament.gh


Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission is one of the governance institutions provided for under the 1992 constitution. The Commission was established by the Electoral Commission Act (Act 451) of 1993. It was set up purposely to manage the conduct of all public elections and to handle all matters directly relating to the conduct of elections in the country.  It is made up of 7 members – a chairman, 2 deputy chairmen and 4 other members. The commission has administrative and regulatory powers. A chief director and a number of directors and departmental or sectional heads assist the chairman and the two deputy chairmen in the administration of the commission.

Website: http://www.ec.gov.gh



The NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS (NDC), BELIEVING In THE DESTINY of Ghanaians to build a society that realises truly human values based on the full mobilisation of the talents and energies of our people and the sustainable development of the resources with which nature has generously endowed us. The NDC Party is a Social Democratic Party that believes in the equality and the egalitarian treatment of all persons with respect to their social, cultural, educational, political, religious and economic relations in a Multi-party environment.



Institute of Local Government Studies (ILGS)

The ILGS is a public management development institution established under an Act of Parliament, 647 of 2003. The Institute was commissioned in 1999 as a project of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development as part of efforts by the government of Ghana to equip the local government system to play a pivotal role in development and poverty reduction.
The ILGS exists to strengthen the capacity of district assemblies, regional coordinating councils and other interested parties to deliver efficient and effective local governance in Ghana by providing excellent management education, training and development, research and consultancy, information mobilisation and dissemination services.

Website: http://www.ilgs-edu.org/