Ghana is a regional symbol for stability and safety. Since independence 54 years ago, no major violent conflict has occurred. 
Nevertheless as the Jubilee Field is offshore, the danger for the production process is relatively low. 
But besides threats for the production site, the general security of Ghana (both inter- and intra-state) should be watched closely.

Cote d'Ivoire’s call for renegotiation of the maritime boundaries at the beginning of 2010 was interpreted as a claim on Ghana’s oil.
 Quantitative studies have shown a correlation between oil findings and the probability of civil war. There are various concrete reasons for this connection, but it is sure that investments in the armed forces are less useful than preventing the causes: first, keeping the expectations realistic; and second, stabilising the economy to prevent a widening of the social gap.

Quantitative studies have also shown that developing countries with low unemployment rates and a fair wealth distribution have the lowest risk of civil war.